Mgt 498 Ethics Paper

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Ethics Paper
MGT 498
October 24, 2012

Ethics Paper
The role of ethics and social responsibility aids organizations in developing a strong strategic plan, while addressing the needs of stakeholders. Ethics and social responsibility require social awareness to address the needs of the environment and to increase the knowledge of employees, which will lead to a corporation focused on supplying the customer with what is needed, managers equipped with solid decision-making abilities, and employees who believe that he or she are an asset to the business. It is the executive manager’s responsibility to establish a clear vision for the corporation and place a specific focus on understanding stakeholder’s needs. In an effort to support these requirements agendas and regulations will be developed to maintain and enforce business ethics within the organization. It is vital for an organization to establish a firm code of ethics for employees and managers to agree and adhere to equality within the organization. Establishing a universal understanding of ethics and expanding the knowledge and of ethics will strengthen the corporation socially by enforcing respect towards everyone, respect for the organization and a corporation that is working together to form a universal business. Ethics are the morals, values, and beliefs of individuals it is the right and wrong behavior and believes of individuals. The importance of establishing and maintain an ethical business is to prevent various types of litigations against the company; protecting the business, stakeholders, managers, and employees. Smart corporations operate proactively rather than reactively, preventive measures such as human resource training modules, computer based training (CBT), employee handbooks, and semi-annual reviews, and company surveys will serve as a matrix to measure and identify the ethics and social responsibility of the organization. Deciding to open a new business can be a...
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