Ethics Class

Topics: Ethics, Death Penalty, Morality Pages: 6 (2444 words) Published: September 10, 2012
Unit 9: Final Project
Tameka Douglas
June 20, 2011

Analytical Skill Building:
This class has taught me a great deal. I was intimidated about taking this class. I like to debate, but this was a different arena. I believe that I have grown in my thinking and reasoning. I no longer feel as though what I believe are the only true beliefs. I was a little nervous about coming to seminars because I wanted to remain respectful of all of my classmate’s opinions and beliefs. I can be very opinionated, and this has not changed, but since taking this Ethics class I now take into consideration the thoughts and beliefs of others. I had a hard time with reading over the discussion post for Unit 4: Capital Punishment and Terrorism, because I have dealt with this first hand. I did not make this known in my discussion post, and I did not attend seminar because I did not want to relive the memory of the day that my cousin faced the electric chair. I was very biased when it came to this subject, but in reading over the discussion post from my classmate’s I began to understand and accept the viewpoints of others. I always looked at capital punishment as trying to get revenge for what had happened to the victim. Something that I read in my text book really stood out to me. The reading was talking about revenge, and how “classic argument for capital punishment is based upon the idea of revenge, or the “eye-for-an-eye” concept of justice. This argument says that if people kill, they must forfeit their lives in order to “balance the scales.” (2008, p197) Now when I read this, I was totally understood this concept. Although this concept has been discarded, I would totally understand if this concept was still taking place today. Maybe if this concept had not been discarded, we would not have so many senseless murders. Reading Chapter 9 of my textbook helped me to place myself into the shoes of the parent who lost their son due to my cousin’s careless decision. I am not saying that I did not have any remorse when the murder occurred, what I am saying is that I cried for my cousin, and the fact that I knew that the time would eventually come where he would have to depart this earth because of the capital punishment laws. I do not believe that a human being should have the power to decide when a person’s life should end. I believe that this is a decision that only that One that gave us life should have, and that decision should be solely left up to Jesus Christ.

My writing skills have also improved as result in having to write a letter to my Governor which was Unit 4 Project. Again, because this was a hard assignment for me, I did not put all I had into completing the assignment. What I did was brought to my attention by my Professor as plagiarism. I did not mean to plagiarize the assignment, but I did not take the necessary steps to make sure that it was my best work. When I had to sit down and think about what I was going to say to the Governor, I began to cry, because I did not want to talk about this topic. As I sat at my computer desk, the words started to flow, and what I learned from this project is that I can be against the death penalty, but this does not mean that I am for families losing loved one because of senseless crimes. Because one person has lost his or her life, I do not agree with what I believe is “payback.” My definition of payback in reference to this topic is: taking a life for a life. Life sentences without the eligibility of parole, in addition to prison conditions may be considered capital punishment within themselves. Having to write papers and answer and respond to discussion board post about issues and topics that were very difficult has helped me enormously. I have had to sit down and really think about what I believe and not just what was told to me and sometimes put into my mind as a child growing up in a very opinionated family. A lot of times, we believe what we believe because it is what our...
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