Ethics Awareness Inventory Paper

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  • Published : January 7, 2011
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Ethics Awareness Paper
Ann Marie Eulo
Professor Marc Miller, Ph.D.
University of Phoenix
December12, 2010

Ethics Awareness Inventory
Within today’s society, ethics has become invisible among individuals. The meaning of “ethics” has become so complex and hard to pin down because of people’s views about ethics have become shaky (Velasquez, Andre, Shanks, S.J., & Meyer, 2010). Ethics is not all about religion or the law but it does relate to human being’s moral principles on how they conduct themselves of what is right or wrong within society. One aspect of defining ethics refers to moral principles that are standard of right and wrong, in other words it is a continuous effort of our own moral beliefs and values and how we as a human being conduct ourselves in difficult situations in our personal and professional life, and how we control our behavior when faced with difficult conflicts on a daily basis. As human beings we make hasty decisions and mistakes that question our personal and professional ethics. Within this paper, I will interpret my results of the Ethics Awareness Inventory test I took and explain how my results affect my personal and professional life. I will also explain how my education has enlightened and influenced my own ethical viewpoints and decision making. Although my professional life is on hold at this time, I still believe that my ethical standards are valid and true to where others’ interpretations on ethical behaviors can be different then what I believe to be ethical. The Ethics Awareness Inventory was designed to provide an individual’s insight on general views and how one can approach ethical issues within a series of characteristics that represents four prominent of the ethical philosophy (William Institute, 2006). According to the Ethics Awareness Inventory Scoring Summary based on letter category in which the lowest combined score reflects values most to...
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