Ethics and Morality

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  • Published : November 1, 2012
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Ethics and Morality
Nedra Dennis
Ethics 316
Sept. 16,2012
Cramela David

Ethics and Morality
Explain the difference between ethics and morality. Define two ethical theories introduces in this course along with their proponents and the major criticisms of the theory. Ethics are the principles of conduct governing an individual or group and morals are our personal character. John was 32 when he died from asbestos, he was working at a corporation when he was in college and at this corporation is when he came in contact with asbestos. He delivered sheets of asbestos to hardware store when he came in contact with the asbestos. The manufacturers of the asbestos where aware of the dangers of their product and advised the corporation of the dangers but they did not advise their employees of these dangers. The corporation should of cared more about ethics because those workers depended on them to help define the boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behavior. This costs the corporation because of ethical lapses also by fines and legal fees because of the issues and lives lost to their negligence. John Manville a manufacturer of specialty building products goes beyond all legal and ethical responsibilities by placing warning labels on all of his fiberglass products and the fiberglass products shipped overseas because of the 150,000 lawsuits filed because of the exposure of asbestos. These warnings are not required by law, but he cares about people and his employees. So he is ethical responsibility by doing so. Mary

Mary is a student in your class. As you prepare for your final exam comprised of essay questions, you notice her copying and pasting her responses directly from the internet. The university has well known policies concerning academic dishonesty, and the consequences for violating them include expulsion. You know that Mary is the first in her family to attend...
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