Sport Management Liability and Negligence

Topics: Tort law, Risk, Risk management Pages: 4 (1233 words) Published: October 30, 2012
1. Importance of Donoghue v Stevenson Case
The case established 3 things
The case established negligence as a wrongful act for which there was a legal liability. The notion of duty of care was formed which if infringed would result in damage. The neighbour principle was established by Lord Akins namely that your neighbour is anyone who may be affected by your acts or omissions. Main points of Case (The details of this were)

Mrs Donoghue drank some ginger beer in which she found the remains of a snail in her bottle. Become ill and sued the manufacturer Mr. Stevenson. Court (Lord Atkins- Judge for the case) stated that the manufacturer owed a duty of care to the customer. As a result of this breach, the courts found, that Mr. S was liable to pay damages to Mrs. D in the duty of care. So how is this relevant to sport? Sport organisers owe a duty of care, to anybody involved in the event, which is employees/ participants and spectators. They must be mindful of that duty, because any breach may result in being sued for damages.

2. Key terms addressed
These are the key terms in understanding negligence and liability. It is essential the sport organiser is familiar with them, because he or she has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for example. They must know what their duty of care encompasses and must know what would breach that duty. I am aware that the sport event organiser has a responsibility to the participants/ employees and spectators, but throughout this presentation I will be focusing on a number of cases, where sport event organisers were found liable for negligence towards spectators.

3. The role of a sport event organiser:
The sport event organiser duty of care encompasses three areas. 1. The minimisation of risks
2. Putting into place the appropriate safety measures.
3. And as far as possible to prevent an incident, and if one occurs to limit the damage.

4. Relevant legislation...
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