Ethical Leader

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Ethical Leadership
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Ethical Leadership
Since the early days of mankind inspirational people have led whole societies and groups. These leaders set the foundations to what leadership has come to be defined. Thru out the ages leadership has come to take many meanings, Classic descriptions of leader behavior often cluster leader activities into two categories: attention to people and attention to tasks (Schminke, M. 2002). Person orientated leadership exhibits behaviors in which it pays particular attention to the members of the group, showing: respect for others ideas, concern for interpersonal issues, and exhibiting warmth towards followers (Schminke, M. 2002). Task orientated leadership is heavily mission orientated; it closely supervises all tasks, places strong emphasis on task and goal completion, and closely assigns all tasks and activities (Schminke, M. 2002). In the modern era, modern leadership has come to become a combination of both of these leadership styles putting emphasis not only on competence but also on ethics and influencing people. Modern ethical leadership involves leading others in a way that respects the rights and dignity of others. Modern ethical leadership is an effective leadership style that combines leadership principles and modern ethical concepts.

Leadership is most commonly associated with group activity and group processes (Schminke, M. 2002). It is basic group dynamics that groups tend confirm, this tendency to conform may be either functional or dysfunctional for groups. To much conformity may lead to “groupthink”, a phenomenon in which members of a group tend to conform to each other (Schminke, M. 2002)....
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