Leadership and Ethical Decision Making

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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Leadership and Ethical Decision – Making

Richard Garner
Leadership and Ethical Decision – Making
Dr. Lisa Smart
January 14, 2013
Phase 1 Individual Project

Ethics are principles that are kept throughout one’s life so that he/she maintains a respectable level of honest value. Based on my moral outlook on life, my view of ethics may differ to that of many in this class. The reason for that is ethics partially depends on the individual feelings of a given situation. For example, some cultures believe that it’s unethical to have multiple partners, but in other cultures, you find that this is the norm. Morals and values are the framework to having and understanding ethics. Morals and values are the drivers that help us to do what’s right when making a decision. This paper explores a scenario that involves Business decisions and how ethics, morals, and values affect them.

Leadership and Ethical Decision – Making

Unless we live as a hermit, we are unable to escape the influence of others ‘decision (Clawson, 2012). Those decisions, negative or positive, affect every entity in a business. Most businesses have entities that are affected by the day to day operations of that business. These entities are known as stakeholders. We group these stakeholders based on their interest. They’re grouped in categories such as employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, and the community. The more commonly known stakeholder groups in business are employees, suppliers, shareholders, and customers. These groups are concerned with the decisions that affect the dividends that they receive in their share of profits. They all play a key role in protecting their interest and investment. Who are the Stakeholders in this situation?

The stakeholders in this scenario would be the CEO Tom Tramlin, sales representative Joe Smith, and customer and CEO of the Peninsula hotel chain, Bill Bateman. THREADS4U could be considered an indirect stakeholder in...
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