Est1 Task 1

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Standards and Procedures
Always conduct yourself in a professional manner. (Inappropriate words or insinuations will not be tolerated) Act in best interests of our clients. (Always safeguard our client’s information that is not public knowledge.) Foster culture diversity; treat others with dignity and respect. (Refrain from criticizing and putting down fellow employees and customers.) Take ownership of own work and promote opportunity.

Follow dress code – wear appropriate business casual attire. (Body tattoos and piercings will be covered at all times. Please see company dress code booklet for further description of dress code) Practice integrity and honesty in all areas of business.

Avoid parting in any activity that could have a negative effect on company’s image. Participate in any mandated professional education courses. (Company courses will be assigned as needed and employees will be provided a deadline to complete courses.) Put Philanthropic mission above your personal gain.

Disclose any possible conflicts of interest to management which may or may not result in reassignment or termination. (Refrain from partaking in employment in related companies, or engaging in interoffice dating) Encourage other employees to embrace code of ethics and report any knowledge of others not adhering to code of ethics. ( Any information provided to management will remain confidential , retaliation toward informant is prohibited) Accuracy and completeness

Keep accurate records, files and books of activities.
Maintain company standard of 99 percent quality accuracy of work. ( Monthly summary of quality will be provided based on review of employees work by their direct supervisor) Maintain company standard of required production. (Please see production requirements which are based on employees job description) Work scheduled time; refrain from partaking in unapproved overtime. (Regular tardiness and unexcused absences will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will be grounds for suspension or termination.) Following state laws and regulations

Do not engage in any form of Price Fixing, Anti-Trust or Anti Competition. Acceptance of gifts and gratuities is prohibited.
Adhere to all state required breaks and timekeeping requirements. Refrain from parting in any activities that might be considered discriminating towards any race gender or religious preferences. Adhere to state sexual harassment laws.

Ethics Training Plan
Design and Development
Manuals will be created which display company’s ethical standards. (WBT) Web Based Training courses will be created to provide employees knowledge of the company’s ethical standards in a fun interactive way. Training program will include possible ethical situations an employee might find themselves in and how to react in an ethical manner. (WBE) Web Based Exams will be created to ensure employees grasp all concepts. PowerPoint presentations will be created and updated often to present possible ethical situations and what the proper way to react would be. Webinars will be created several times a year reminding employees how important it is to abide by companies ethical standards. Slogans, banners and flyers will be created, displaying company’s ethical standards. Monthly company articles will be created displaying the importance of following ethical guidelines. Implementation

For employees that are initially hired - they will undergo Ethics (WBT) Web Based Training Program. They will be provided an Ethics manual to go over and sign stating they read and understand all materiel and agree to abide by company’s code of ethics. They will be handed a pamphlet in which to revert back to if they should have any ethical questions on any ethical situations. Finally before beginning their on the job training they will need to pass a web based exam in which they will prove they have grasped the all of companies ethical concepts. For management – Because...
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