Bus 210 Checkpoint - Code of Ethics.

Topics: Employment, Intellectual property, Copyright Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: July 10, 2011
BUS 210: CheckPoint - Code of Ethics
June 4, 2011

What would my company be?
At the Alexis Group software development company all employees will follow a code of conduct. To ensure that the employees of the Alexis Group are complying with the company’s code of conduct a monitoring system will be put in place. 1. The employees will have to maintain and provide accurate and honest business records. * The company must be able to rely on an employee’s truthfulness and accurate work to maintain proper business transactions 2. Protect the company’s confidential information.

* Employees must respect and adhere to the importance of the company’s confidential information. Employees shall not discuss or share company information will employed with the company or after termination of employment. 3. Employees must not misuse company property.

* Employees must take care of company property. That means no destruction of The Alexis Group’s furnishings, equipment, software etc.. 4. Respect the intellectual property of others; trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc. * Employees are prohibited from using patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc…without the proper and appropriate legal consent. 5. Treat fellow employees as well as customers with dignity and respect. * In providing a productive work environment all employees will be treated equal and given respect, accepting all cultural and ethnic diversities. * Any form of harassment, intentional and unintentional, based on race, culture, gender, and so on, will not be tolerated. 6. Avoid conflicts of interest by not becoming involved with companies that are in competition with The Alexis Group. * That means, you cannot work with another company of the same business as The Alexis Group. The Code of Ethics will be signed off on by the employee as a binding contract between the employee and the employer. By violating these rules and employee can and will be disciplined accordingly...
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