Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

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Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Classical Ethics
Stephen J. Ward, the director of the Center of Journalism, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, defines ethics as "the analysis, evaluation, and promotion of correct conduct and/or good character, according to the best available standards (Ward, 2012). Personally, I believe that ethics is the foundation of how an individual behaves and thinks towards himself and others. Ethics can also be defined as the "systematic and critical analysis of morality" (Diouf, 2005). Morality outlines exemplary characteristics that an individual should portray. It dictates how to conduct oneself according to societal standards. Without ethical values emplaced, chaos and anarchy will automatically take effect. Business Ethics

Business ethics is the application of ethical values to business conduct. It is the moral and ethical code that operates in the business world (Institute of Business Ethics, 2013). This goes from allowing religion in the work place to that of increasing the minimum wage in order to meet the meet the demands of underpaid workers and the productivity of the company. The implementation of business ethics with consumers, employees/managers, and the organization is very important to the success of that management. Now that the basics of business of ethics has been laid out. It is equally important that the company enforces their rules of conduct and behavior to both employees as well as customers they engage with in their business affairs. The US Federal Sentencing Guidelines demands that an organization should take the responsibility of communicating to employees and consumers alike the standards and procedures it adheres by (Commission, 2004). Companies shall communicate these rules through trainings that the organization will provide themselves to inform all staff about the different aspects of compliance. Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is dispersed into four...
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