Chapter 12 Crafting and Executing Strategy

Topics: Ethics, Sociology, Organizational culture Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: April 12, 2012
Chapter 12
Corporate Culture-the character of a company's internal work climate as shaped by a system of shared values beliefs, and ethical standards that define behavioral norms. Key Corporate Culture Features

The values, principles, and ethical standards that management practices and preaches.
Company's approach to people management and official polocies procedures and operating practices that provide guidelines for the behavior of company personnel.
The atmosphere and climate that pervades the work climate.
The way managers and employees interact and relate to one another.
The strength of peer pressure to do things in particular ways and conform to expected norms.
The actions and behaviors that are explicitly encouraged and rewarded by management in the form of compensation and promotion.
The company's revered traditions and oft-repeated stories about "heroic acts" and "how we do things around here."
The manner in which the company deals with external stakeholders. Transforming Values and Standards into Ethical Norms
Give attention to values and ethics in recruiting and hiring to screen out applicants who aren't compatible.
Incorporating the statement of values and the code of ethics into orientation and new and existing employee training.
Senior management frequently reiterate values and ethics in their communications to employees.
Use values statements and codes of ethical conduct as benchmarks for jugding whether polocies and practices are appropriate.
Making displaying core values and ethical priciples a major factor when evaluating performance.
Ensuring that management from top to bottom enforce ethical code.
Strong peer pressure to exhibit core values and ethical standards.
Occasional ceremonial actions to recognize those who display ethical values.
Instituting ethics enforcement procedures.
Stories are important to company culture, builds a sense of belonging to something good. Perpetuating the...
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