Essential Drucker

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The Essential Drucker
“In one Volume selection of the essential writings from Peter F. Drucker’s sixty years of work on management.”

Part I: Management
Consist of twelve chapters and focuses on the purpose of the business, management by objectives and self- control and Entrepreneurial strategies. Many great ideas and problems that comes across while managing a business has covered in these sections. Author has described very good example of how sears has changed his business strategy over the years. A Germen born service man took over Cadillac Motor Division of General Motors after great depression. His statement,” Cadillac competes with diamonds and mink coats. The Cadillac customer does not by ‘transportation’ but ‘status.’”

Part II: The Individual
Effectiveness must be learned: Author talks about how effectiveness is essential for any businesses. He describes it by asking some questions like Why we need Effectiveness? Who Is an Executive? Can Effectiveness be learned? and explaining Executive realities, there are four executive realities that cannot be changed. First, the executive’s time is belongs to everybody else. Second, Executives are forced to operate unless they take positive action to change reality in which they work. Third reality pushing executive toward ineffectiveness. Forth, the executive is within an organization. Book than tells us that Effectiveness is a habit, a practice. This practice can be learned if repeated constantly and precisely. Ch: 14 This chapter focuses on contribution like own commitment, contribution of knowledge, the right human relations. The effective person in an organization that he or she works for always ask this question “what can I contribute that will significantly affect the performance and the results of the institution I serve?” Druker explains that if a person wants to be an executive and if he wants to be considering responsible for his contribution than he needs to concern about his usability of...
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