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I know that studies are very important for students because it prepares then for real life. Many students now in college are taking advantage that they are away from their families, and instead of studying they prefer to hang out with friends even they have some little obligation to do. But not knowing that real life is when you graduated in college and start earning money. And soon it comes the problems, struggles.

College students like me are experiencing such stressful nights of studying their lessons, especially trying to budget their allowance for the whole month which is very difficult for us because there are many unexpected fund that we should may and may lead to out of budget.

I know that the money that I use every day is came from my parents who really do their very best for me to continue my studies. I know that it is not easy for them to have that money for my tuition and it is a great help that I have this scholarship. I’m so lucky that I have this scholarship because without this my parents can’t afford to send me in college.

As a student I really do my job. Their comes some instances that I think to myself I want to quit but no. I know that this is only a struggles that usually have and some are quitting and accept that they can’ t do a little more harder. I should prove to myself that even I have this grade I know I learned a lot. I know I have this great opportunity and I should not waste it because this only comes once in my life time. Once I have this I should keep this and take this opportunity for me to succeed. I’m lucky enough to have this great adventure in my life. I know that today is not the real story of my life and real will when I graduate and help my parents for their needs. I thank God for giving this big break of my life and promise to him that I will not give up this great opportunity.
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