College Major Essay

Topics: Teacher, Education, School Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: November 17, 2010
Kaycie LeBlanc
Mary McKeough
English 101- 30
November 1, 2010
Word count: 942
Just Who I Want to Be
Mother Teresa stated, “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are endless.” It was those kind words that I remember from each individual teacher I had growing up. I remember spending countless hours learning with different techniques from different teachers. I’ll never forget Mrs. Marie Simcoe, for she was that kind voice echoing endlessly. She was my kindergarten teacher. I remember always wanting to help her and to be just like her. She was kind hearted and soft spoken. She taught with care and did everything she could to get her students to understand without a word of frustration. Growing up I would spend hours upon hours teaching my teddy bears and baby dolls in my playroom or as I saw it, my own classroom. I would fuss at them for whispering and would teach them to write each letter on my small chalkboard. As I advanced through school so did my teddy bears and baby dolls. I eventually moved on to playing “School” with my friends. We’d all fight as to who would be the teacher and I’d get very upset when it wasn’t me. When I started college, I had no idea what direction I wanted to go. There were so many possibilities: business, the arts, nursing, etc. All I knew was that I wanted to enjoy my career. I didn’t want to fight to get up every morning in order to make myself go to work. I finally realized where my heart was set when I began working at a summer camp in 2008. I worked with third grade and loved every moment of it. I have worked with different age groups over the last few years and have come to realize that I love working with children. This is how I figured out what I wanted to do. Teachers play a large role in a child’s life. They are with this child roughly ten months of a year and tend to see them from time to time there after. After taking the MBTI, my results state that my personality would be...
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