Essay About an Injury

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My Injury
Name: Pleun Fijneman Class: 2H
Teacher: Nugteren
Name: Pleun Fijneman Class: 2H
Teacher: Nugteren

What happened?
I’m going to tell you about the fracture me brother got.
It happened one day before we went on wintersports. He was playing soccer with his friends, and one of them thought it was funny to make him stumble, so he went leg hooking at my brother. My brother felt and he had a lot of pain in his leg. He couldn’t walk on it anymore, so they all helped my brother to the house of one of them. The mother of the friend where they were, brought my brother to our house. My brother looked very pale. Then my mother brought him to the emergency room, and he was sent to the hospital. When they arrived at the hospital they had to wait for a long time. He said to me he had never felt so much pain as then. Then a doctor came and took him to the plastery room. First, he was laid down in a chair, and then the doctor tried to put his leg in the right position. My brother was dying of pain when the doctor touched it, and certainly when he was putting his leg in right position. After that the doctor made a X-ray of his leg, so he could see what was wrong. The doctor told my mom that he had a crack in his tibia (shin bone). The doctor was telling about fractures, but my mom didn’t know what it meant, so the doctor explained the meaning: “it’s a crack, break, or shattering of a bone, and Toots (my brother) has a crack in his bone. He has a tibia stress fracture. It’s an acute traumatic injury. which usually involve a single blow from a single application of force.” The joints which were involved: knee joint, ankle joints (and hinge joints). He couldn’t move them for 6 weeks, because the plaster was wrapped around it.

During recovering my brother did go with us on wintersports, but he said it was very boring for him. Because he did not go skiing or snowboarding. He had to stay at the house which we had...
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