Eruopean Expansion

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  • Published: September 7, 2009
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Exploration and Colonization

Summarize the motives, expectations, problems, and rewards associated with the age of European expansion.

Describe the impact of Europeans on Native American (Indian) cultures and the impact of native cultures on Europeans. Then explain why it was or was not a good thing that European culture prevailed.

Which one of the following do you think made the most important contribution to European expansion: Renaissance thought, the search for new trade routes, or new developments in technology? Explain your choice.

What lessons do you think English colonists learned from their early Jamestown experience? Focus on matters of fulfilling expectations, financial support, leadership skills, and relations with the Indians. What specific developments illustrate that the English living in the plantation colonies tried to apply these lessons?

Select any combination of two of the three colonial settlement areas (South, New England, middle) and compare and contrast them. Focus on the motives of their founders, religious and social orientation, economic pursuits, and political developments.

To what degree was the government of Massachusetts Bay simultaneously theocratic, democratic, oligarchic, and authoritarian?

Write your interpretation of John Winthrop’s comment that Massachusetts Bay was to be “as a city upon a hill” and “a beacon to mankind.” In your opinion, do Americans still hold this view of their nation’s role in the world? Why or why not?

Compare and contrast the economies, geography and climate, mortality rates, sex ratios, and family relationships of New England and the southern colonies***

Which do you think was the main cause of Bacon’s Rebellion: resentment felt by backcountry farmers, Governor Berkeley’s Indian policies, or the pressure of the tobacco economy? Justify your choice.

Describe what you think town life contributed to the life-style of New Englanders; then consider what was the consequence of...
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