Erickson Stage Theory

Topics: Erik Erikson, Psychosexual development, Sigmund Freud Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: March 5, 2013
erikson's psychosocial theory - summary diagram
Here's a broad introduction to the main features of Erikson's model. Various people have produced different interpretations like this grid below. Erikson produced a few charts of his own too, from different perspectives, but he seems never to have produced a fully definitive matrix. To aid explanation and use of his theory he produced several perspectives in grid format, some of which he advocated be used as worksheets. He viewed his concept as an evolving work in progress. This summary attempts to show the main points of the Erikson psychosocial crisis theory of human development. More detail follows this overview. Erikson's psychosocial crisis stages

(syntonic v dystonic)| Freudian psycho- sexual stages| life stage / relationships / issues| basic virtue and second named strength (potential positive outcomes from each crisis)| maladaptation / malignancy(potential negative outcome - one or the other - from unhelpful experience during each crisis)| 1. Trust v Mistrust| Oral| infant / mother / feeding and being comforted, teething, sleeping| Hope and Drive| Sensory Distortion / Withdrawal| 2. Autonomy v Shame & Doubt| Anal| toddler / parents / bodily functions, toilet training, muscular control, walking| Willpower and Self-Control| Impulsivity / Compulsion| 3. Initiative v Guilt| Phallic| preschool / family / exploration and discovery, adventure and play| Purpose and Direction| Ruthlessness / Inhibition| 4. Industry v Inferiority| Latency| schoolchild / school, teachers, friends, neighbourhood /achievement and accomplishment| Competence and Method| Narrow Virtuosity / Inertia| 5. Identity v Role Confusion| Puberty and Genitality| adolescent / peers, groups, influences / resolving identity and direction, becoming a grown-up| Fidelity and Devotion| Fanaticism / Repudiation| 6. Intimacy v Isolation| (Genitality)| young adult / lovers, friends, work connections / intimate...
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