Equal Pay for Athletes - Persuasive Essay

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Equal Pay for Athletes Regardless of Gender
Research/ Persuasive Essay

People all over America and the world are consumed with watching athletes perform in their various sports. Both male and female athletes compete at such incredible levels that require physical talent and drive. Professional athletes are known to get paid salaries that reflect their talent and abilities. Regardless of gender, professional athletes are drafted to receive professional pay. However, equal pay for male and female athletes with the same credentials does not occur today. There is a belief that male athletes are worth more than female athletes and are better at promoting themselves. Also, women salaries are lower because of their gender and are not based on their performance. Although audiences seem more excited watching men sports, this does not mean men should get paid more. Men should not be paid more than female athletes who have similar talent and credentials.

Many people believe that male athletes should be paid more because they are better at self-promotion. Others feel that women athletes are talented but are exploited by marketers who push sales and promotions. In 2008, U.S. women earned seventy-seven cents for every dollar earned by a man. This dropped sixty-eight cent for African American women and fifty-eight cents for Latinos (Fitzpatrick 1-2). For the past four decades, women’s wages increased only half a penny on the dollar (Fitzpatrick 1-2). There is definitely a gap in salaries among men and women athletes. As an example, female basketball players in the WNBA get substantially different pay than male athletes in the NBA. A WNBA female star’s maximum salary in 2005-06 ranges around $87,000, compared to the NBA star, Shaquille O’Neal’s salary that was twenty million (Female Athletes Salaries 1). This is not only unrealistic, but this difference in salary is unfair. Unfortunately and unfairly, it has gotten to the point where anyone can see the huge gap between the salaries of WNBA athletes and NBA athletes. It is no wonder that female athletes may face discrimination and discouragement knowing that their professional pay is vastly different than male athletes playing the same sport. Men and women should receive equal pay for equal talent. The sports industry seems to be driven by male athletes who perform better than women (Roenigk 2). Because of promotion, male athletes are better in the industry of social networking because they believe in themselves, are very competitive, and are more comfortable promoting themselves. They leave the impression that they are worth more (Bates 2). However women are able to talk about frivolous things, are more self conscious, and are less comfortable talking to strangers. This leaves the impression they are worth less than male athletes (Bates 1). Advertisers should be fair and give equal exposure to female athletes who play professional sports like men. Female athletes should receive fair and equal pay for their time, talent, and commitment. Women should get the same pay as men, not only because of talent and hard work, but because they are just as capable in self-promotion and their talent should define their pay. While male athletes are self confident in their athletic abilities, women are equally self confident with their own talent and abilities. Since marketers focus more on male athletes, it may appear that women are less confident in promoting themselves. Women are just as capable of promoting themselves, leaving the impression they are worth just as much as men. They work hard, are disciplined, and make similar sacrifices with their time and effort. They feel they deserve similar or equal pay to the male athletes, yet are less respected then men in their respective sports. Women are not only as talented as men, but are just as competitive and should be treated fairly and paid equally. The pay gap should reflect equal pay and not reflect discrimination...
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