Sports Stars Salary Are Fair

Topics: Household income in the United States, Doctor, Wage Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: December 18, 2012
The Salary of The Sports Stars is Fair.
Successful sport players are much more popular and earn quite more than individuals in other important professions. Whether sports stars deserve this is a topic of frequent debate. Some argue that these huge salaries are fully justified while others deem it unfair that doctors earn less. In this essay I will explain why I believe sports stars deserve their huge salaries because they are unique and represent our ideals of human perfection. It is a well-known fact that sports stars get a bigger salary than doctors and nurses. The sport star who earned money most in 2012 was Floyd Mayweather Jr. He comes from America and he is a boxer. He earned $85,000,000. (Wikipedia, August 5, 2012) In comparison with this, the average annual income of the doctor is about $145000. (ishitokangoshinogenjyoureport, n.d.) However this is not unfair for three reasons. Firstly, sports stars have a big influence on people’s thinking. They are very famous people and active in the world. As products on the human resource market, our salaries are determined solely by the amount of supply and demand. Our salaries rise if the vacancies provided by employers outnumber the candidates in the society, and vice versa. On the other hand, the supply is very few in the case of “successful” sports professionals. Some people argue that doctors should be paid more than sports stars. They contend that this is essential for the welfare of our society. It is true that doctor as a profession has contributed immensely to the advancement of mankind society and are not paid as much as the sports star. The reason for this is that the “supply” of doctors surpasses its demand. Almost everyone could become a doctor after twenty years learning and training, but it requires special talents to turn into a world champion. The role of the sportsmen is enormous, because they are representatives from mother country. Many people are encouraged and impressed by them. Also, a lot of...
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