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Hadil Borji
English 243
Final essay

Life Will Knock You Down...
The cycle of life drives each individual to pass through different stages until finally reaching adulthood. All the ups and downs, experiences, learning, standing up for him/herself , are steps into reaching the final product : maturity. A coming of age process of a protagonist, a dunce who is heading up to this world to seek for his own destiny, his future looking for answers, and going through various types of experiences. But what drives a youth to take this risk ? There must be a reason for an individual to take such a journey at a young age, and usually and most probably it is an emotional loss, this can be described as something spiritual or in the form of an individual. This protagonist is heading for his maturity, to reach it, he will gradually go through steps that present difficulties he has to face. This lad is wanting to be accepted by the society he lives in as the mature individual he is seeking to achieve. The change a person undergoes to attain a perfect transformation from a youth to adulthood focuses on the psychological and moral growth he/she achieves. The transition of a young man to a man varies in different societies, maturity depends on several factors that differ between societies, some consider sexual maturity as in early adolescence as a sign for maturity, and others take marriage as the conformation an individual takes to prove his maturity, his transition from the dunce he once was to the mature man he is now. The double “I Do’’ is the kind of choice recognized by the law which is the formal union of two individuals mature enough, responsible enough, and aware by the action they are taking, and they go for it. What circumstances people go through that drive them to step out from naivety to reach adultness which allows them to take big decisions such as marriage ?

When an individual pushes himself towards thinking that he is now mature enough to take his own decisions concerning his life and future, he is that individual who has been through a lot of events, through a lot of disappointments and turned out to be unsatisfied with anything he did, or anything he’s been through, and just decides that next step will be to satisfy only he is own needs, without taking into consideration anyone in the surrounding for they were no help to what he once needed.

In Nervous conditions the novel, an important topic stands out and that is the danger of Tambu forgetting who she really is, where did she come from, and just get taken by the new life she is offered at the mission. Tambu lives in a society with gender discrimination, she had to be enslaved by the males in her family while her brother Nhamo got that chance to get educated and leave the filth they live in behind. Dangaremba started her novel with “ I was not sorry when my brother died.Nor am I apologizing for my callousness, as you may define it, my lack of feeling. For that is not that at all. I feel many things these days much more than I was able to feel in the days when I was young and my brother died, and there are reasons for this more than the mere consequence of age’’ (page:1), form here we can see that Tambu was happy for her brother’s death, not that she wanted him to die, but his death was the only way she can go to the mission to get the education she always dreamt of. She had the ambition, and the grave to study, what was left is the opportunity, and as soon as her brother died she knew she got that opportunity she was seeking for. Her brother’s death was the beginning of her life changing mission, it was her time to leave the days where she used to carry the pure water for the men to wash their hands with it at first, and then the females of the family are left with the filthy water to use, she was ready and more than happy to leave all of this and go to a whole new place to gain the power she needed to rise, to feel satisfied with the life she was given....
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