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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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The writer, Phillis Wheatley, uses many descriptive details about the natural world in her poem. She compares the sun setting and the new evening with many rural details. For example, in line two, she says: "The pealing thunder shook the heav'nly plain;" She is referring to the empty plains of a rural area. I also wondered how the poem would sound if she chose to praise the evening using details of an urban setting. You could easily use urban setting details as well as using rural setting details. Night is experienced everywhere, even in urban settings like the city. I almost think that the poem would sound better and have a certain uniqueness if she used urban settings to describe nightfall. Unfortunately, the only thing that would have to be changed entirely would be the poem itself. This would be difficult to do since it rhymes already. You cant just change some rural words to urban words within the poem because then it wouldnt rhyme. That would be the only difficulty but I think it would sound cool, even if you had to change the poem itself, to praise evening using details from an urban setting. It would maybe give an edge to the poem and draw the reader into it more because you used a sort of unusual comparison to describe the nightfall. I feel that this poem was great. And how dare someone call it pointless. My question to you is, Did you acutually read it. This poem not only speaks of the beauty of eveything, but she talks of nature mainly the sun setting. This poem consists of metaphors and personification. It talks of the birds chirping in the mornings, the scent of the flowers, and how we all should wake up ready for a day's work. This poem is no where near pointless, but actually great with it's diction, writing stlye, and choice of words. And I, personally, love it.
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