Stages of Ego Development

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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Stages of Ego development

Week 8
November 23, 2012

Jane Loevinger’s has stages of development. The names of these stages are impulse, self-productive, conformist, conscientious-conformist, conscientious, individualistic, autonomous, and integrated. The theory is made for a way to understand an entire life span. According to Jane Loevinger’s theory and the stages of development it is a way to explain our experiences, to make sense of it all. We begin to change as we go through life, but what causes these changes psychologically is basically unknown. This theory breaks it down into steps that we will face at one point or another through life. As we begin to mature and get older we start reaching other steps or stages. According to our text materials “each stage provides an overall frame work of meaning that the person employs to make sense of the world. As we come across different stages at different times we sometimes don’t get through all of them. Types of manifestations that occur vary. It can be through your impulse control, interpersonal mode, and conscious preoccupations. All are around how we react and cope, how we physically and mentally react, and how we carry it and let things reflect us on as human beings. We all at one point through life have suffered and dealt with the fact on being scared of not fitting in, and trying to figure out why we are here, and what our responsibilities are through life. How we all tend to react and then apply all that plays a role on our development and ego.
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