Enforcement of a 4 Day School Day

Topics: High school, Education, College Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: February 20, 2013
should a 4 day weekday be enforced?
Have you ever thought of having a 4 day weekday rather than a 5 day weekday, instead of that short 2 day of relaxation you gain another day to rest off that stress filled body to the luxurious sofa sitting at your house? Well some work places incorporated a 4 day weekend instead of the typical 5 day weekend and I feel as if we, the teachers and students, equally deserve a 3 day weekend, but there’s a catch. The regular school day would be increased by 2 hours but we should want to decrease the amount of stress school gives us for these reasons, the lack of sleep kids already have, less cost of the utilities used in school, lessened suicide rate. First of all, an important fact is a teenager of the current generation gets a poor amount of sleep. The national health society states that a teenager should have a total of 9 hours and 20 minutes of sleep to perform at their best in school but in reality a student stacked with AP classes, sport, or a job gets far less than the national level. The average amount of sleep a teenager gets is under 5 hours for 25% of college and high school students which correlates with decreased performance that they show at school. Some schools in the U.S. has already tried this and one teacher at Chatnooga High School said,” The kids are more attentive because they realize there is much less time so they come in and do it.” Another great reason why we should have a 4 day weekend is a dramatic decrease in the cost of utility. Schools in Georgia saved an average of $800,000 on utility since there is a less need of transportation going back and forth from academy classes, and to drive students back and forth from school. From the slightest of restrooms being flushed, trim of transportation, and janitorial costs the school would save a dramatic amount of money and find the extra funds they need to fund school sports or school clubs if needed. And last but not least, lessening in suicide rate, the...
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