Energy Efficiency in Heritage Buildings

Topics: World Heritage Site, Cultural heritage, UNESCO Pages: 57 (22614 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Energy efficiency in Traditional buildings

Mărieş Oana
3rd Semester project
Environmental Management and Sustainability Sciences
09 – 01 – 2013

Title:Picture Title:| Energy Efficiency in Heritage/UNESCO Buildings. The cases of Croatia, Scotland and RomaniaRoyal Castle from Săvârşin, Romania| Project Period: | 01 September 2012 – 09 January 2013 3nd semester EMSS | Supervisor: | Davide Maneschi |

Co-supervisor: | Christoffer Strandgard |
Number in copies: | 4|

This report tries to set light to the procedures, some of modern technique and some of traditional craftsmanship, that can help improve the energy balance of a heritage building. This domain is growing every day and more attention is paid to a proper restoration of the traditional buildings in terms of energy efficiency. This research question: What are the current technical measures taken in the rehabilitation process of historical buildings in Europe in order to help energy efficiency? tried to be answered, while also trying to point differences between regular renovation of a building in terms or energy efficiency and a restoration of a traditional building. Data collection and site visits have been done as well as interviews with several architects in order to gather expert opinion and customised recommendations for each area of interest. Many of the findings pointed that the buildings need a tailored approach when new project for implementing energy efficiency measures are started. Matters like number of people living/using the buildings, size, age, scope of buildings as well as budget are key factors when deciding the energy improvements that can be used. Also, a major key factor is the climate in which the building is situated in, since this will reveal the necessities of the building and specific problems or highest priorities in term of energy efficiency.

Key words: UNESCO, energy efficiency, heritage building, restoration, double glazing, insulation, draughproofing, architect recommendations, climate zone.

Page count: | 50 pages|


This third semester report was possible due to the assistance and help of many persons. I am grateful to all the persons who have involved, helped, supervised and taught me along the five months of my research period. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Davide Poletto, Programme Officer at the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, who has had the belief in selecting me from many other Romanian candidates, as a participant for the UNESCO School in Energy Efficiency 2012, the starting point of this semester report. Also, my gratitude goes towards my supervisor Davide Maneschi and co-supervisor Christoffer Strandgaard for their recommendations and friendly support and encouragement. I would also like to express my appreciation to the persons that I have interviewed – Cristina Milici, Despina Fragou, Jelena Savic and Jelena Peskovic – valuable architects that have enlightened me with all the technical terms that this project needed.

Once again – thank you all.

Aalborg, 9th of January, 2013
Oana Mărieş

Chapter 1. The heritage building restoration9
1.1 Why is it important to preserve?9
1.2 UNESCO10
1.3. Technical approach in the preservation of heritage buildings12 Chapter 2. Methodological approach14
2.1. The structure of the report14
2.2. Case study selection14
2.3. Data collection16
Chapter 3. Difference between an energy efficiency regular building renovation and a heritage building restoration18 Chapter 4. Case study and interview description20
4.1.1 Dubrovnik case study20
4.1.2 Architects recommendations on the energy efficiency of heritage buildings in Croatia23
4.2.1 Edinburg case study25
4.2.2 Architects recommendations on the energy efficiency of...
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