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Topics: Hotel, Thuja plicata, Tree house Pages: 5 (2104 words) Published: February 6, 2013
The future of tree house hotels is in the process of becoming even more and more successful. In April 2006, a team of trained individuals put together their thoughts and ideas for a more efficient tree house hotel not only to help the environment, but as well as people and their stay at the hotel. In The Telegraph Newspaper, an article titled “Eco tree houses, the homes of the future” described the uprising tree house hotels as “the timber-framed, 4-story Sigma house, designed by architects PTP and built by the Stewart Milne Group, which has been awarded 5 stars” (Eccleston, 2007). The Stewart Milne Group has been working constantly on this project to make the future of the tree house hotels very successful, and by 2012 these hotels well be making their way to a more eco-friendly environment and saving more money. According to the design team, they have already considered many ways to help enhance the facility and better the water and supply system, as well as the energy efficiency that is being used. As stated in the article from The Telegraph Newspaper, “living tree houses would eliminate wasted energy used in harvesting wood for lumber, hauling and cutting lumber, and they would be carbon neutral” (Eccleston, 2007). Their main focus to improve these hotels is to eliminate wasted energy and make them carbon-free. Also included in the article “Eco tree houses, the homes of the future” are a few of the future designs of these tree house hotels, which are described as follows: “100% renewable energy heating hot water from solar thermal panels and by generating electricity from roof mounted turbines and photovoltaic panels, a ‘grey water’ recycling system from bath, shower and basins for use in flushing toilets and rainwater collection on the roof, all timber from sustainable sources and the design and construction delivering a claimed 100% reduction in CO2 emissions over standard building regulations, a heat sensor that opens and closes even temperature flow, air tight building with high levels of insulations, all taps and showers designed for low water consumption, and for the 110-square meter house is open-plan and is flexible so the ground-floor can be separated and used as a separate apartment of office” (Eccleston, 2007). This new and improved designed tree house hotel is being displayed and shown at the Building Research Establishment’s Offsite Exhibition at Watford in Hertfordshire for anyone interested in the newly designed 5 star rated hotel. While vacationing to a tree house hotel, there is a variety of entertainment for you, family, or friends. Depending among the individual tree house, the amenities and activities will supply you with many accommodations and opportunities of interesting and enjoyable times, as well as very convenient equipment to use while on a vacation. Some of the amenities that you are acquired with at many different tree house hotels can be a TV, DVD player, hair dryer, safe, cooler, portable water cooler from the well, Jacuzzi, kitchenette, air conditioning, radio, grill, internet access, electricity, shower, fireplace, private deck, and a rope swing. Depending on where you stay, how nice the hotel is, how big or small the tree house space is, or even how cold or hot the weather is, can determine what form of amenities your tree house hotel will present you with. The selection of activities that are offered at each individual tree house hotel can portray as zip-lining, observatory, hiking, swimming, sail boating, horseback riding, rafting, concerts, access to the beach, nightlife and dancing, surfing, skiing, fishing, tennis, canoeing, bicycling, spas, yoga, tours, snorkeling, kayaking, hammocks, restaurants, galleries, antique shops, and museums. These activities are what make your vacation more of an adventure and enjoyable for everyone. There is something great for each and everyone, that’s what makes these tree house hotels very trendy. Since the early 1800s, tree house hotels have...
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