Employee Welfare

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Employee welfare
Our human resources system and welfare programs
As the driving force for putting Astellas’ business philosophy into practice, employees are the stakeholders most deeply involved in Company efforts. Therefore, Astellas positions “Employees” as one of the most important factors in CSR based-management. Along with showing respect for human rights, character and individual personality, the Company strives to provide workplaces that are safe and easy to work in. As a response to social issues such as the trend toward fewer children and an aging population, gender equality, and the employment of disabled persons, the Company views all Human Resources (HR) practices to attract, motivate and reward employees, as an inseparable part of its contribution to society.

Human resources vision
Our human resources and organizational structure are the driving forces of Astellas’ “Value Innovation Cycle.” Astellas views the maximum development and utilization of the capabilities and potential of the people it has brought together as essential to the realization of its Vision 2015 goals. Astellas has clarified for employees and its corporate organizations the desired talents and organizational features it envisages:

Astellas’ desired talent

“Speed” in outperforming competitors
We carry through our jobs with speed which always goes beyond competitors in our particular field.

“Innovations” responding to changes in the environment
We continuously display innovation, by anticipating changes, and taking necessary risks.

“Professionalism” to gain competitive advantages
We continuously demonstrate high performance with professionalism to overcome competitors.

“Networking” to further develop strength
We incorporate and make use of information and resources from both within and outside the company to contribute to improved business outcomes.

Astellas’ desired organization

Agile and highly productive organizational structure
Agility Efficiency
The organization makes constant structural changes to align with its business environment, vision and strategy. A lean organization which always has optimum organizational layers, and spans of control.

An organizational spirit committed to continued high performance Clarity Objectives Responsibility Flexibility Fairness Teamwork The organization has a clear vision, strategy and policy that are clearly communicated and understood by members. With clear standards and objectives, all members are proactively working towards their goals. The necessary authority is delegated to members to fulfill their roles using their own judgment and responsibility. Without being excessively bound by precedent or fearing risk, members are able to face challenges, and to think and act in flexible ways. The diversity of values among members is respected, and their roles and performance are fairly appraised and treated. Members are proud to belong to the organization, and work together in mutual trust.

Human resources policies
Human resources are indispensable for our achievement of the challenging goals contained in Vision 2015. The HR system at Astellas must properly motivate employees who continue to show an excellent performance in their own fields, and create a system for enabling our many talented staff members to tackle challenges. Each of the interrelated systems we are creating and implementing must be adjustable and consistent with the Company’s overall objectives. To realize our vision of HR management, the policies guiding the functions must be clarified.


Policies & initiatives

Compliance initiatives

Our contribution to society

Employee welfare

Environmental initiatives

Human resources policies
Appraising and treating employees in a fair manner according to their roles and achievements. Realizing competitive compensation levels which adequately reflect corporate performance and are suitable for a global company.

Employee welfare

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