On Leadership and Core Values

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On Leadership and Core Values

Our Goal

Our goal is to be a leader and innovator in the field of producing leaders and innovators. This requires our organization, from CEO to groundskeepers, to engage continuously in a process of honest self-evaluation; critical analysis; creative and courageous experimentation in problem-solving; and relentless application of lessons-learned in our operational duties, pedagogy, and personal relationships. It requires us, also, to be fair, broad-minded, and inclusive at all times, flexible in our approaches, willing to experiment—even to fail—so long as failures are but steps in a refining process. As we recognize our mutual-interdependence, we resolve to be considerate and supportive of one another, for our ultimate success is not built on personality, but cooperation, and our greatest strength lies, not in our individual talents, but in the sum of our collective efforts. We strive to produce graduates who are not only highly-capable managers, but who are ethical in all their affairs, and motivated to create an impact in their careers and personal lives. By exemplifying our values in our interactions with students, we best demonstrate to them the value of values, and encourage them down the path to an impactful, ethical career. While not every graduate will change the world, we know that each graduate can positively impact at least a small part of the world, thus creating a ripple effect for the betterment of all. The same is true of our application of these values in our internal affairs as an organization, and in our relationship with the world at large.

Leadership and Core Values

At S P Jain we endorse a concept of interlocking personal and professional attributes which constitute leadership. These values are inextricably inter-related and inter-dependent, and it is the sum of these values that drive us towards achieving our goals in professional and ethical manner. Our commitment is to embrace, espouse, and exemplify these values in our personal and professional lives. The twelve personal and professional attributes are: | | | |Personal |Professional | |1. Honest. |1. Ethical | |2. Confident |2. Networks and integrates | |3. Intelligent. |3. Flexible and broad-minded | |4. Fair. |4. Solution-oriented | |5. Humble. |5. Inclusive | |6. Imaginative. |6. Forward-thinking | |7. Observant. |7. Knowledgeable | |8. Courageous. |8. Clear, precise, persuasive communicator. | |9. Responsible. |9. Fiscally conservative | |10. Conscientious |10. Driven to improve | |11. Disciplined. |11. Empowering | |12. Possessing a sense of humor. |12. Customer-centered....
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