Leadership Philosophy

Topics: Leadership, Personality psychology, Situational leadership theory Pages: 3 (969 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Leadership Philosophy Paper Part B
Taking ENES 317 has exposed me to lot of knowledge such as one leadership/Management skills, personality types, approaches to problems and decision making. In the past, I believed that leadership was a quality that could be learned and taught, but I also thought that leadership would best fit people with some personal trait such as charisma or personality of an extrovert people. With the knowledge gained from this leadership course, I came up with an individual Bill Gates who is successful in leading but an introvert, and he has successfully managed to influence others, who virtually revitalize our personal computers/phones and way of shopping. However, some of the things I knew about leadership before taking ENES317 was that a good leader should be open to new ideas, forgiving to his/her followers, and demonstrate humility. I still believe that without these qualities a leader can only become arrogant in their leadership that their behavior may isolate them from their followers. My focuses on this paper will be to analyze the self-assessments test taken in class and the leadership theories presented in class. One of the most interesting things I have learned this semester is the ability to interpret personalities through colors assignment. The color prediction about my personality was gold. After reading through the descriptions and interpretation of the colors I discovered that my personality overlapped through 2 other colors. The gold color predicts that I purposefully plan ahead. Before, I was unaware of the fact that every day I usually have a paper in my pocket with things that needs to be done for every specific day; also I effectively use the electronic calendar on my phone to plan for future events. I also understand that the reason I plan ahead is because I want to be organized, prepare and effective in everything I do. However, my personality also overlaps with Green color which predicts that I love working alone...
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