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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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Corporate Social Responsibility refers to notion that corporations have a responsibility to the society that sustains them. Corporate Social Responsibility also takes into account the manner in which a company manages its economic, social, environmental relationships and the methods which use to engage with its stakeholders as these relationships will impact on the company’s long term success. Corporate Social Responsibility is also considered as a strategy to sustain positive company reputation and brand images.

BreadTalk who owns businesses in China had practiced in Corporate Social Responsibility programme during one of the world’s most upsetting disasters – the Sichuan earthquake on 12th May 2008. To show their solidarity with the people of Sichuan and to play a part in relief efforts, BreadTalk created “Peace Panda”, Panda shaped bun with four different expressions symbolizing the terror of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The organization contributed 100% of the proceeds went to the Chinese Embassy and Red Cross Society’s China Earthquake Appeal Fund. It indirectly assists in enhancing the Company media coverage and gives a deep impression into the heart of its customers as it shows humanity and compassion.

The Corporate Social Responsibility also attracts potential employees and increase current employees’ motivation, morale, commitment and loyalty to the Company. The employees are likely to work with a responsible organisation and this lead to a better work attitude and greater productivity. Stakeholders are increasing aware that organisations neither do nor operate in a vacuum and that there are responsibilities that emerge, not just from ethical and legal perspectives, but also citizenship perspectives.

In conclusion, Corporate Social Responsibility involvement helps to create a positive image to BreadTalk. It is an expensive practice. However, the increased productivity of the workers and improved quality of the products generate positive cash...
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