Employee Satisfaction Proposal

Topics: Employment, Methodology, Human resource management Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: June 25, 2011
A. Introduction
Employee satisfaction has been defined as a function of perceived performance and expectations. It is a persons’ feeling of pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing a products’ outcome to his/her expectations. If the performance falls short of expectations, the employee is dissatisfied and if it matches the expectations, the employee is satisfied. A high satisfaction implies improvement in efficiency and performance doing work or service. The process is however, more complicated then it appears. It is more important for any organization to offer high satisfaction, as it reflects high loyalty and it will not lead to switching over once a better offer comes in.

B. Research Problem
Employees are the basis of every organization. Recruiting and retaining knowledgeable people for the job is essential for an employer. But it works only if employee satisfaction is considered more important because of it employees attracted and not leave the company. It is require studying the various factors to assess employee satisfaction level.

C. Research Questions
1. What is the current employee satisfaction approached used 2. What is the perception of the consumers in terms of the employee satisfaction rates? 3. What do you think should be included in the Employee Satisfaction Index System that will serve as guidelines? 4. What are the ways that the management can do to effectively implement employee satisfaction index system?

D. Research Objectives
* To Measure the satisfaction levels of employees on various factors and give suggestions for improving the same. * To study the relationship between the personal factors of the employee (Gender, Designation, Qualification, Age, and Years of Service in a company) with satisfaction level. * To derive and analyze the current satisfaction level of the employees in the company * To study the various factors which influencing employee satisfaction.

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