Busn311 Unit 1

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Survey on Key to Job Satisfaction of American Intellectual Union

One of the most prominent studies in many companies whether big or small is about job satisfaction. Job satisfaction as described by many is a degree of contentment of an individual employee or worker. It could be on specific, few or many aspects of a relationship between employee-employer relationship, salary pay, benefits, administrative services for employees and many others. Job satisfaction is usually measured by the use of rating scales where employees describe their feedbacks to their job environment, salary pay increase, nature of work, employer-employee relationship, seminars and trainings, promotional opportunities, bonuses (required and incentive bonuses), fringe benefits, amount of authority to run programs, administrative supervisors, and level of challenge and opportunity for growth provided by the job, health and safety among others. Some studies require an employee to response on “yes” or “no” options and some studies require him to rate himself on the basis of the scale 1-5 (where 1 is considered no satisfaction at all while 5 is considered most satisfied). Job satisfaction is important to companies large and small. Some companies considered this as basis of their hiring or terminating an employee but some considered this as essential tool of strategic planning and development.

In this study, we need to examine two of the nine sections of data, one section of qualitative data (“Gender” or “Position”) and one section of quantitative data (“Intrinsic” or “Extrinsic”). Descriptive statistics are the main source of statistical tools in evaluating qualitative and quantitative data. It discusses also some important information about the statistical tool used to support selection of section of keys to job satisfaction used in this study.

Gender or Position

Figure 1. Pie Chart of Proportions of Gender of Employees

Figure 1...
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