Employee Satisfaction in the IT Industry

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Employee satisfaction is the individual employee’s general attitude towards the job. It is also an employee’s cognitive and affective evaluation of his or her job.

What are factors influences / effects to employee satisfaction? It can include factors as following: 1. Organization development factors
• Brand of organization in business field and comparison with leading competitor. • Missions and Vision of organization.
• Potential development of organization.
2. Policies of compensation and benefits factors
• Wage and salary
• Benefits
• Rewards and penalties
3. Promotions and career development factors
• Opportunities for promotion.
• Training program participated or will do.
• Capacity of career development
4. Work task factors
• Quantity of task
• Difficult level of task
5. Relationship with supervisor factors
• Level of coaching
• Level of assignment for employee
• Treatment to employee etc
6. Working conditions and environment factors
• Tools and equipment
• working methods
• Working environment
7. Coporare culture factors
• Relationship with coworkers
• Level of sharing etc
8. Competencies, Personalities and Expectations of employee factors • Competencies and personalities of employee are suitable for job? • Expectations of employee are suitable for policies of organization?

 What are factors that effect / influence to employee satisfaction? Factors of employee satisfaction can follow five-element model • Compensation and benifit
• promotions, training
• work tasks
• coworkers
• supervisors
Or model include factors as follows:
• Interesting work
• Appreciation of work
• Job security
• Good wages
• Promotion/growth
• Good working conditions
• Personal loyalty
• Tactful discipline
• Sympathetic help with problems
• Preferred incentives
• Flexi-timing
• Telecommuting
• Company paid vacations
• Accident and health insurance benefits
• Retired benefits
• Asset building loans
• Company transport etc

1. Importance of employee satisfaction for organization
• Enhance employee retention.
• Increase productivity.
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Reduce turnover, recruiting, and training costs.
• Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
• More energetic employees.
• Improve teamwork.
• Higher quality products and/or services due to more competent, energized employees. 2. Importance of employee satisfaction for employee
• Employ will believe that the organization will be satisfying in the long run • They will care about the quality of their work.
• They will create and deliver superior value to the customer. • They are more committed to the organization.
• Their works are more productive.

How to maintain employee satisfaction?
You should remember that “achieving results were difficult but keeping the results are more difficult” To maintain employee satisfaction, you can use 2 solutions as follows: 1. Determining suitable frequency of appraisal

Appraisal frequency should be at least 3 or 6 months / time. This help you regularly review satisfaction trends of employees. For some department, you should increase appraisal frequency for them because of lack of management skills or unsuitable personalities. Many organizations only perform appraisal satisfaction of employees 1 time per year, simply by applying the standard management rather than the needs of the organization. This is a very long time because the dissatisfaction of employees can occur at any time. 2. Implementation of feedback program regularly

You can not assess satisfaction of employees every month because it is very time-consuming. So how you know the opinions of employees? You can implement the program on the response of employees monthly or suddenly when a problem happened. The feedback of the staff are their comments, attitudes about problems that will occur or has occurred. The feedback can conduct independent or attached to the...
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