Organizational Behavior, Wal-Mart

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  • Published : October 14, 2010
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Individual Assignment Number Two
2-1. What steps can organizations take to improve promotion satisfaction, supervision satisfaction, and coworkers satisfaction? Firstly, we need to use the value-percept theory to view state of employee satisfaction. From my perspective, we can set number for this value-percept theory-"Dissatisfaction=(V want-V have) X V importance". For example, value of v can classified 5 levels. then we can set a standard value to measuring degree of dissatisfaction. Secondly, we also need understand what reasons play an important role in these satisfaction, and improve that. The employee's promotion satisfaction including whether promotion policies is fair, frequent. and the company's promotion whether can provide better wage, more free time, and less stress. the supervision satisfaction about their feelings about boss. For example, whether the boss provide rewards for the employee's well performance, and whether employee can adapt boss's personalities and leadership style. Coworkers satisfaction is about employee co-workers abilities and personalities. Therefore, it is important to understand whether co-workers has well teamwork ability, assisting ability and communication. 2-2. How would you assess your ability to handle stress? Given the information provided in chapter 5 of the text book, what could you do to improve your effectiveness in this area? I cannot well handle my stress. because I often set a high goal for myself. Flying so high, falling so pain. I get my hopes up and I watch them fall. For example, I want to get high mark for my presentation, then I find extremely professional source to prepare my presentation. However those sources is very difficult to understand clearly. Therefore, I fail my presentation. In this case, firstly I set a goal which is extremely exceed my ability. it get considerable stress for my work. meanwhile, the stress depends on the time pressure, work complexity and role overload. In the...
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