Employee Portfolio Week 2

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Employee Portfolio

Complete one matrix for each employee.

Employee name: _______Kalena Davis__________________

Self Assessment| Results Summary| Strengths| Weaknesses| How Satisfied Am I with My Job? | Kalena scored a 79, which is above the means in the 74 to 76 range. Organizations that have employees who score high are more likely to experience lower absenteeism and turnovers.| Kalena appreciates the compensation for his position in the organization, the job, and the flexibility of managing his work program. Kalena likes working independently as well as in a group. | Kalena’s only weakness is being able to delegate things to other people.| Am I Engaged? | Kalena scored a 9 in a range of 9 to 45. People who score low are more likely to not be satisfied with the job, have a hard time getting through challenges and problems.| Kalena can devote a good amount of time doing what he likes to do and that brings good results to the company.| Kalena does not have the ability to maintain his self especially through difficult times. If he does not like a certain task, it is very difficult for him to commit to the job and he becomes easily distracted. | How Are You Feeling Right Now? | Kalena scored a 36 from the range of 10 to 50. Higher numbers indicate that you are experiencing more positive emotions and lower numbers indicate that you are experiencing negative emotions. | Kalena is very good at controlling his emotions when he is in a working environment. | Kalena may sometimes put all of his focus on the negative instead of the positive.| What’s My Affect Intensity? | Kalena scored a 33 from the range of 10 to 50. The higher your score is the more emotionally intense you are.| Kalena knows when he has to put all of his emotions aside and when he needs to be a little emotional.| There are times when Kalena needs to be reminded that he needs to be professional.| What’s My Emotional Intelligence Score? | Kalena scored a 38, which is not above 40 and not below 20. Scores of 40 or higher indicates a higher emotional intelligence. Scores of 20 or less suggest a relatively low emotional intelligence. With the score that Kalena received, his emotional intelligence was average. | Kalena is very good when it comes to dealing with his emotions. He is also a good listener. many of his co-workers seem to find comfort in him.| The only thing that seems to keep Kalena down is that when he is in a bad mood, he will stay in a bad mood.| Am I A Deliberate Decision Maker? | Kalena scored a 23, which is between the means of 14 to 27. With the score that he received after taking this assessment, he has a blended style of decision-making.| Kalena knows when he needs to be a deliberate decision maker and when he needs to be a rash decision maker.| There are times when Kalena may make rash decisions, which turns out to be not the right approach. |

Management recommendations:
Kalena’s skills and abilities should be challenged more often to further job satisfaction and personal development. A variety of responsibilities should be introduced to his work program to enhance the variety of duties and for the company to benefit from the skill sets he exhibits. More responsibilities and interaction with others will most likely help him in learning how to get out of his bad moods. Employee name: ____Suzette Neula_____________________

Self Assessment| Results Summary| Strengths| Weaknesses| How Satisfied Am I with My Job?| Suzette scored a 74, which is in the means of 74 to 76. High satisfaction tends to be related to lower absences and turnovers. | Suzette’s assessment shows that she does great in teams as well as individually, the support of management and coworkers, and satisfaction with compensation. | From Suzette’s assessment results, she does not like to be in charge, she would prefer being told what to do. | Am I Engaged?| From the results, Suzette scored...
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