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Sports development 3
Task one

There are many methods used in measuring quality in sports development. One method is attendances at sporting activities or local participation levels. These methods have not provided consistency across some methods to do so. As a result of this, and to gain benefits from the scheme, a many number of schemes have been developed to measure quality in sports development. The main idea of this scheme is to

Measure characteristics and attributes of a programme so you can cancel out the weaknesses and also see its strengths. After finding out the weaknesses and strengths the performance analysis can put together a set of quality standards that are appropriate to the industry sector. Why measure quest?

To improve their service, this is called ‘continuous improvement’ If an organisation or a club receives a quality mark it can gain recognition, this could be used to promote their organisation. Standardisation- after this it is then easier to compare two different sports development organisations, once they achieve a quality accreditation.

This is national quality system that is used to assess the management of sports development. This is created by Sports England.
This system is aimed towards sports development units, like local councils, governing bodies and national authorities. It operates a certain grading system, this is…
Scores of 60% and up is needed to be registered.
A score of 75% and 84% then the system will receive a marking of highly commended. 85% and above is what you need to achieve an excellent score. Its assessment is based on, working towards objectives and targets and thinking of how they could achieve this, timekeeping, coaching and workmanship, quality of equipment, problem solving techniques and pride and professionalism within the industry. To achieve quest accreditations organisations must both have a self- assessment improvement programme and the opportunity for an independent external assessment, here is an example… Complete a self-assessment improvement programme the organisation must look at the work that is already being done and them asses how well they think that it is doing. After doing this you have to put together a plan on how to improve in certain selected areas that aren’t doing too well. The action plan then has to be monitored closely and then evaluated closely; this will then give it areas it can be improved in. It could be an external review of an organisation; this is normally done by a representative from QUEST carries out an independent review on the other organisation. This is good because it can both be partial and they will be given instructions on how to improve and will be regularly told how well their organisation is doing with improvements.

You can apply for QUEST, you just have to contact them and they will come and judge your business or organisation. It is a yearly one day assessment and they will turn up out of nowhere and review the eight core modules.

QUEST can help achieve a good organisation with a good marking; this will be achieved through external assessment and also benchmarking services. It can offer a framework for continuous improvement; this reduces the risk of dropping quality. The financial improvement through performance. Through improved effectiveness. Poor standards at the organisations are highlighted, so they can be worked on. It helps organisations get pride in themselves.

Problems are then identified are then highlighted and a solution comes forward.

Everyone on the staff at the organisation has to adapt to the system that has been put into place. Resources to put the plans in place might not actually be there. The cost of the improvements may not be good.

The staff at the organisation might not want to work in the way QUEST implements the changes.

Towards an excellent service (TAES)

This is sports...
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