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DATE OF ISSUE: 28/06/2012

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Based on evaluation of the information received in the LPI , case study materials you should prepare a proposal report to the LPI LTD, management team on how they could implement TQM and what they should concentrate efforts on improving.


The meaning of total quality management (TQM) is a management approach to long–term success through customer satisfaction. In a TQM effort, all members of an organization participate in improving processes, products, services in various industries, and the culture in which they work. This paper describes the theoretical perspective of integrating e-learning activities and TQM processes for achieving continuous improvement.

Benefits that Total Quality Management (TQM) for organizations to:

1 • Higher productivity

2 • Elimination of defects

3• Improved customer focus and satisfaction

4• Increased customer loyalty and retention

5 •Improved and innovative processes

For specification

The Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence, the European Foundation for Quality Management, and the ISO quality management standards. Any organization that wants to improve its performance would be well served by selecting one of these models and conducting a self-assessment. Libya petroleum institute must follow the standards of these models. Any change of specification that’s mode against these models

For example

LPI they stored the crude oil in open tanks or by using plastic tanks or drums. Also they store the sample by using small jars, but they don’t store the sample on specific temperature as well .all the types of storing the sample are not under any procedure or standard method. This means when the customer required from LIP specific test to analysed the sample if they didn’t follow the right method to handle the sample for different test and different laboratory by putting wrong temperature to store or wrong bottle to field in the sample, this means any volatile material could evaporate and may reaction could happen, these things can possibly affect of the sample specification and the results as well. Some samples should be stored under certain temperature and under specific method to follow by using prober container or drum to store .some gases should be store in specific pressurised cylinder under desired temperature some of gases were store in specific balloon for small quantity so the temperature should be below ZERO degree

For plant activities and plant section.
As we know the plant has four main sections, blending, canning, filling, and stores. We will analyze these sections and we will find the weakest point in these sections. 1- Blending: we discus about the inconsistency of blending and mixing hence rework of products if this problem before chemical data checks or after it stored. If the problem came after storage we know the right solution for that is to store the product in the closed top tanks. If the problem came before storage that means we should know the following points. A- Are the mixer workings well even we know the maintenance is carried out on plant and when they fail or need repair and breakdown records are kept. The solution for that to make schedule for the maintenance to make sure the efficiency of mixers are OK. B- THE PEOPLE who are working in the measuring devices or chemical data checks they were available to show that training methods or not. Understanding how to use basic quality tools allows people in the LPI to take responsibility for...
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