Psychology One Unit 1 Lab Questions

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lab questions

Unit two: Lab Questions

1. What does self - enhancing bias mean?
That you tend to think you are “above average” or better than others in many ways. 2. Report your results from this experiment.
About 75% of the time I was concerned as much as others where on most issues. 3. Did your results follow a pattern? Explain your answer.
My results followed the pattern of about 30% who took the quiz who thought they were concerned as much as others. 4. If results did follow a pattern, do you think you were demonstrating self-enhancement or do you believe you really are more socially concerned than others? I don’t feel like I was more concerned than others, I feel I was just an average person who shows concern, but not like starting my own charities and foundations kind of person. 5. Why do you think so many people show the self-enhancement phenomenon? Because they want to try and prove to others they really do care, and maybe to feel good about themselves. 6. What are the pros and cons of this behavior?

Pros would be more people would focus on a certain issue or cause and maybe attract others to help with it. Cons would be getting cocky about a certain issue and thinking you are a superhuman or higher above others just because you donated or somehow showed more concern than others.

HOW ANXIOUS ARE YOU? <- your second lab link
Click on "How Anxious are You" on the new page. Learning Objective: To assess your level of anxiety and compare your ranking with percentile ranking statistics. 1. Report your score. What percentile did it fall in? What does your percentile rank mean? (statistically speaking) My total score was a 16 (near the 75th percentile), which means my anxiety level is about average. 2. If you scored high on the ranking, do you feel you are overreacting to events in your life, or do you think things are happening in your life that justify an unusual amount of anxiety? Didn’t score high.

3. If you scored low on the ranking, what...
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