Employee Portal System

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The changes and improvement of technology in the community is not unfamiliar to us. Every day there is an innovation of advance technology to improve the performance of work and lifestyle of the humanity. It is most beneficial for companies with large amounts of clients and employees using their services or products. One of these is a City hall that caters service to their clients. The proposed study aims to design and develop a web based employee portal for the city hall of Paranaque which is a public sector of the government that deals with the city ordinance, city facilities, city government, and city projects this public sector helps the people by providing their needs such as jobs, health, education and peace and order of the city. Purpose and Description

The chosen client for the proposed project is the Municipal of Paranaque which is located at San Antonio Ave, Paranaque City. It is an Establishment in 1888 that started operating because of the people who needs services from the government. Also for the city ordinance, city facilities, city government and city projects this public sector helps the people by provides the needs such as jobs, health, education, peace and order of the city. Even though Paranaque City hall is a building housing of the administrative offices of a municipal government, its officials considered as a group. Since the city hall was established, it still has manual processes of gathering information of every employee that consume time instead of using it to a more productive work. Based on the interviews conducted by the group with the City hall of Paranaque, the process of gathering and updating information of employee consumed more time due to the manual process of storing information. The estimated beneficiaries of the employee portal is about 5.000 to 10,000 The Employee portal of Paranaque city hall was Web Based employee portal. The system doesn’t only helped the said city hall manage the records of each concerned personnel related to them but could also help them improve the quality of service they are currently giving for the employee’s. Anyone who has applied for viewing records knows the frustration of form-filling – and waiting as the hard copy travels up and down the approval hierarchy. This Employee portal with its powerful features cuts out the physical movements and enables HR to have a bird’s eye view of the employee situation and status in the company. The group has decided to choice this topic to help our client to save time in looking for their employee’s record. Maintaining the services that provide by the employees of the city hall of Paranaque should come up with the used of the modern technology by the access through internet that will give the people fulfilment when it comes in their satisfaction provided by the employee portal and when it comes in the services provided by the city hall of Paranaque for their employee.

Project context
Since the Paranaque city hall has a manual process and slow the entire organization down data being rearranged and kept by hand the time allotted of the other task will be used in manipulating the data particularly when making some changes and error is encountered the longer the time will be consume the greater amount of effort will be lost during the process of looking the information that needed.

With the information that the proponents have gathered upon doing researches, studies and interviews with the client representative, the idea of automating the old process of the city hall have been discussed. The proposed Web Based Employee Portal for the said city hall is greatly necessary to lessen heavy works in compiling large number of files of all the clients and other staffs in the city hall. The system doesn’t only focused in dealing with the employees’ information alone but it also caters the management of other staffs that could be related in creating an employee account. Basically, even if the system is web based,...
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