Scope Baseline

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Scope Baseline is a component of Project Management Plan that includes Project Scope Statement, WBS, and WBS dictionary. Project Scope Statement Budget must be defined
Project Name:||
Project Number:| #5|
Project Manager:| Aidana Nurzhanova|
Date:| 01/10/2012|
Business case|
* For sites that are on our website is good advertisement. * For companies: uses less human resource, it is economy companies money; Less chance of error on the part of employees; the system is automated, fewer errors. * For people: it is not harmful to human health, it is not harmful to the environment, and people do not spend a lot of time on the road.| Objectives|

Develop an informative portal to: * Ordinary citizens of Kazakhstan in order to make clear them how to pay for utility services,mobile and communication services and other kinds of services . * Able citizens to get up-to-date information about current utility services, mobile and communication and other kind of services.| Scope description|

The informative portal should be developed using programming language Java in use within the company Sun Microsystems Inc. The portal in phase 1 should provide information to the citizens of Almaty City. The portal should provide access to the information documented above in the “Objectives” section. | Acceptance criteria|

Phase 1 of project is complete when portal contains the components noted above and access has been provided to the citizens of Almaty City.| Deliverables| for all citizens.|
Any additional components are out of scope for this project,but will be included in a list of objectives for Phase 2 of project. | Constraints|
Application development resources are currently involved in the roll out of 2 other initiatives and will not be able to devote 100% of time to this project until after 4-6 months of start.| Assumptions|

Applicatin development resources are well versed using Java Language.The use of Java language can meet objectives of organization,and allow for growth in future. | Milestones| Date|
Requireemets Gathering| Sept-Oct|
Phase 1 Development| Oct-Nov|
Phase 1 Testing| November|
Phase 1 Complete| December|
Project Budget|


Project Wrap-up

Monitor System
Verify System
Develop Implementation Plan
Packaged Software

Train users

Create training materials

Create system documentation

SQL Database

Web Front End

SQL Database

Web Front End

SQL Database
Web User Interface

Quality Assurance

WBS #| Task| Description of Task| Work Products| Owners| Est.Level of Effort| 1.1| Design|  |  Design of Website|  Designer|  | 1.1.1| Web User Interface| * Create User Interface Mock-ups * Conduct Design Review * Deliver Final Functional Specs * Obtain User Signoff * Develop Tech Specs * Review Tech Specs with Project Team * Obtain Team Signoff|  |  |  | 1.1.2| SQL Database| * Develop Tech Specs * Review Tech Specs with Project Team * Obtain Team Signoff|  |  |  | 1.1.3| Interfaces| * Determine data import/export elements * Define User needs * Define IT needs * Design interfaces * Obtain Team Signoff|  |  |  | 1.1.4| Reports| * Collect User Requirements * Define Data elements * Define Frequency * Define Audience * Design Reports * Review Report Design with Project Team * Deliver Final Functional Specs * Obtain User Signoff|  |  |  | 1.2| Development|  |  Interface,database,functionalities|  Developer|  | 1.2.1| Web Front End| * Code Web Pages * Conduct Unit Test * Review Web Page design/functionality * Obtain User Signoff|  |  |  | 1.2.2| SQL Database| *...
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