Employee Monitoring System

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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* Employee Monitoring is a revolutionary corporate productivity analysis tool. Employee Monitoring monitors and records all activity on a customer's network, including all Web surfing, email, and instant messaging, in order to provide management with detailed information regarding employee performance. Employee Monitoring allows management to simply and quickly assess employees' time and company resource usage in order to determine individual efficiency levels and increase overall productivity. Employee Monitoring helps to mitigate costly liability and litigation risks, target destructive Web behaviors, deter intellectual property and internal data theft, and identify wasted resources. In effect, Employee Monitoring is non-invasive Internet monitoring to achieve greater corporate security, efficiency, and profitability.

* Employee Monitoring similarly monitors and records all instant messages, including usernames and passwords, and the conversations from both participants. Employee Monitoring performs equally well for email as well. Employee Monitoring targets time usage inefficiencies, spots activities which are against policy prior to their becoming crises, and tracks spyware and hack attempts on the network, all at much more reasonable costs than other solutions. 




* Employee Monitoring Improves Performance
One of the main advantages of employee monitoring is that it tends to improve job performance. When supervisors actively listen to employees' phone calls and witness how they perform their job duties, those who could benefit from additional training or coaching are more easily identified. Monitoring helps isolate specific work habits and behaviors that might be contributing to poorer performance. Surveillance also ensures that employees do their best, since most employers notify them about...
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