Attendance Monitoring and Payroll

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Chapter 1
Project Context, which focuses on getting accurate time and generating reports, precise computations in salary and deductions, and security functions; Purpose and Description of the Study, is about the problem noticed by the proponents in the current process of getting the attendance of every employee (e.g. Punch Card/Time Card); Objective of the Study, includes the removal of the usage of time card and replaced by biometrics to prevent mistakes in timing-in and timing-out of an employee; and Scope and Limitations of the Study, covers the capability of the project in monitoring the number of hours work of an employee by means of biometrics but only the faculty and staff’s salary is being computed in our payroll system.

Project Context
First, Faculty attendance monitoring primarily focuses in getting the accurate time-in and time-out of employees, same with their tardiness and absences. The current process in monitoring the attendance in LPU is every checker needs to go back and forth in an specific room/building and wait for 30 minutes to audit if an employee is present or not. In the part of Staff, Guard, Maintenance, House Keeping, and OJT; they use timecards. Payroll system focuses on the computation of salaries and deductions of the Faculty Members and Staff’s according to their credentials and status in the organization (e.g. Number of hrs. x Rate x Number of Weeks / 10 Pay Periods). Only legal deductions are valid to deduct in the employee salary in Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite Campus. Lastly, the Biometrics in the project focuses in security purpose; by using fingerprints, the project can secure important files/document/transaction. The fingerprint represents the attendance of an employee; they are required to register to the system. There are other types of biometrics: (e.g. retina’s scan, hand print, finger sprints, and etc.).

Objectives of the Study
In this project; the proponents removed the usage of timecards to prevent from mistakes in timing in and out of employees. On payroll, the transaction will be organized and removed the usage of Microsoft Excel as the platform of their computation; this project can save time and have accurate and reliable results. Specifically this project will determine the project effectiveness in terms of: a. Accuracy;

b. Efficiency;
c. Reliability;
d. User-friendliness;
e. Security;
f. Flexibility; and
g. Validity;

Scope and Limitations of the Study
The proponents used Visual Basic as programming language, Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 for programming platform, Adobe Products CS5 for the designs and MySQL Base for the database of the project. The project started at the month of July 2012 and will be given to Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite Campus at Governors Drive General Trias, Cavite. The main purpose of the project is to monitor the attendance of the Faculty, Staff, Maintenance, House Keeper, Security Guard and OJT’s of Lyceum of The Philippines University – Cavite Campus and compute for their total number of hours worked. This project can compute for the salary and legal deduction of Faculty and Staff of the organization. This project is a Network Based system that is connected in 2 or more PC’s involved. However, this project cannot compute for the salary for the Maintenance, House Keeper, and Guard of Lyceum of The Philippines University – Cavite Campus because they have their own respective companies who will give salary to them instead our system can only compute for their total number of hours worked.

Significance of the Study
To the proponents. The proponents will benefit in terms of learning new knowledge about this proposed system (e.g. programming languages, database management, and sensory device technology).
To the recipient. This project will organize the attendance monitoring in Lyceum of the Philippines University-Campus. The process of computing the...
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