Employee Suggestion System

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1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. Every individual has creative talent and ability to make suggestions to improve the way his job is being done. Every individual takes an interest and pride in his work and is keen to make continuous improvements to the organization. He will find his job more meaningful and interesting when he is given the opportunity to make continuous improvements in his work. 1.2. The Staff Suggestion Scheme and Work Improvement Teams (WITS) are two effective mechanisms for creating an environment for every officer to contribute his ideas to help his organization progress. 2. DEFINITION AND SCOPE 2.1. Staff Suggestion Scheme 2.1.1. A Staff Suggestion Scheme can briefly be defined as a formal channel which encourages every employee to suggest ideas which may be helpful in solving or avoiding problems or improving work process or the work environment. Through the Suggestion Scheme, an employee can participate directly in the improvement of productivity in his organisation. An employee will find his job more meaningful and interesting when he participates in the decision making process involving his work. 2.1.2. The primary objective is to inculcate a value and culture of looking for continuous improvement and to contribute towards such improvements. Therefore, any idea initiated by an individual towards making continuous improvements to work procedures and processes, whether directly relating to the individual’s work or not, should be encouraged. 2.2. Work Improvement Teams (WITs) 2.2.1. A WIT is a group of employees of any grade from the same work area who meet regularly to solve problems and make work improvements in their own work area. A WIT may also be formed with members from different work groups but who are doing the same type of work. Work improvement means quality improvement. ‘Quality’ covers quality of management, service, procedures, outputs, inputs, personnel, teamwork, efficiency, effectiveness, attitude, work environment, information, problem-solving capability, service, the use of resources, performances, etc. 2.2.2. This participative environment will help employees identify with their work and offer opportunities for self-development, thus encouraging commitment. 2.2.3. The scope of a WIT project is to: MHRM (N) SSS & WITS Page 1 of 8 Mosque Human Resource Manual by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS)

MHRM (N) STAFF SUGGESTION SCHEME & WORK IMPROVEMENT TEAMS Identify, examine, analyse and solve problems pertaining to the employee’s work. Identify and examine opportunities for improvement and to propose and implement measures to achieve the desired level. Help the work area and the department adapt to changing circumstances. Discuss and conduct studies on how to improve the working environment, efficiency, quality of service, knowledge and skill, teamwork, work performance, use of resources, work goals, objectives and targets, systems, methods and procedures. Implement improvements, ideas recommending them for implementation. or

2.2.4. As a guide, the average size of a WIT should be between 2 and 10 members. 3. ACCEPTANCE GUIDELINES FOR SUGGESTIONS 3.1. An idea can be accepted as a suggestion if it helps to: 3.1.1. Improve process efficiency 3.1.2. Improve service/product quality 3.1.3. Improve the use of resources, materials, space, etc 3.1.4. Reduce damage 3.1.5. Cut down service time 3.1.6. Improve service standards 3.1.7. Improve the design of forms, equipment, etc 3.1.8. Reduce paperwork, or simplify procedures 3.1.9. Save costs 3.1.10. Cut down wastage 3.1.11. Achieve corporate, group or section goals or effectiveness better 3.1.12. Improve practices/routines 3.1.13. Make better use of aids/machines 3.2. An idea would normally not be accepted if it is: 3.2.1. A grievance or a complaint relating to the terms and conditions of employment

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