Change Implementation With Shared Diagnosis

Topics: Decision making Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: January 31, 2011
Starting change implementation with shared diagnosis is one of the methods to identify problems within the organization. Shared diagnosis has a wide-ranging collection of both employees and supervisors opinions and all organizational members can be involved.

There are many advantages to start a change implementation with shared diagnosis. As all organizational members can be involved in this project, problems can be identified from different levels of work. Top managers could not spend much time observing front-line worker’s daily works. Thus, a shared diagnosis can help observing as many problems as possible. What is more, employees’ engagement in decision making can make employees feel they also have commitment to the organization’s development. When people recognize they are the member of a team, they may put more effort on maintaining and developing the organization. If employees can participate in the shared diagnosis, they will quickly obtain the skills of management and decision-making. This will help a lot in building self-management teams and improve the value of human capitals and thus gain competitive advantages.

However, there should also be some disadvantages. As change implementation is project-based, involving too many employees may create a slow decision-making process. Change implementation projects should have a detailed plan of schedule and scale. Sometimes it is quite difficult for all involvers to have a consistent idea. Taking everybody’s opinion into consideration is time-consuming and identifying too many problems will make the scale of changing project overlarge.

As I am still an undergraduate student, I have no working experience. However, in my home university in Hong Kong, there are also some change implementations. For example, in our library, the ground floor was a place for students and staffs to read newspapers and magazine. Our university decided to open a cafe for students to rest. They ask students to participate in...
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