Hcs 475 Week 2

Topics: Management, Evaluation, Assessment Pages: 4 (1182 words) Published: July 11, 2012
Implementing Change

HCS 475

Pamela Bonner, M.P.A

Implementing Change

To successfully implement change, employees need to understand how this will benefit them and impact their daily work. One of the things is that something might look good on paper can have drawbacks that are not realized by the planners, but can be easily identified by the employees who must implement the change. Therefore as a manager you need to bring the idea to the employees and get their feedback and continue to empower the employees to make the change that will work for them. Since change doesn’t happen overnight a manager needs to continually in monitoring the process and to assist the employees in finding ways to make the change work, while being respectful of the demands of implementing change ("What is the Manager’s Role and Responsibility in Implementing Change Within a department?", 2009, p. 1). In implementing change the manager should not focus on one thing as though it is the solution to the problem, they need to look at the whole picture.

Resistance to change:

There will be people who resist change by many different ways which can be overt or convert, active or passive, well intentional or subversive. People will fight change in ways that fit their personalities so there will be a wide range of tactics at work when resistance emerges. Managers have mistaken the lack of overt opposition for support, while others will disguise their resistance to make it safer or politically correct. They can be very cunning by operating undercover, resisting on the sly, and fighting change carefully to reduce their chances of being caught. There are several ways that they can be subtle in their sabotage they are: (McConnell, 2010, p. 418)

• Intentionally “forgetting” to do things

• Inciting the resistance of others

• Doing exactly what the supervisor requests when they know that such an action will be...
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