Employee Engagement

Topics: Employee engagement, Management, Internal communications Pages: 8 (1921 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Making employee engagement happen in today’s organisations – moving forwards, from strategy to action

The Communications Lab is a communication practice specialising in employee engagement. We help organisations use employee engagement to turn business issues into business outcomes.

We want to experiment with internal communication and employee engagement, sparking debate, provoking ideas and new ways of thinking within our industry. To enable this to happen we have set up the lab. The lab is a network that does more than talk. It’s about collaboration, experimentation and application with like-minded people, which is what this piece of research was all about.

The overall aim of this programme was to provide insights into the general “state of the nation” in employee engagement. To achieve this a series of 7 face-to-face, structured interviews were held in March and April 2009 with individuals from large blue-chip organisations with a stake in employee engagement. The following organisations participated in the study:

• Shell
• E.ON
• T-mobile
• Everest
• Norwich Union
• Barclays

Key Findings
|Engagement element |Theme |Evidence | |Change |Use of external quantitative employee |Most of the companies used an online, quantitative survey to measure engagement and | | |engagement survey |its drivers | | | |Many of the companies use external providers such as Best Company Survey and Gallup | | | |G12 | | |Use of internal, qualitative, workshop |Two of the companies spoken to no longer used an online survey but instead used | | |approach to gather insight |interactive workshops, run by leaders to understand engagement levels and drivers | | |Linkage of employee engagement to |There was good evidence from most of the companies spoken to that there is line of | | |business outcomes/ strategy |sight between business strategy and an individual’s role | | | |There was also evidence in some places that employee engagement was tethered to | | | |business outcomes, but not in all | | |Business driver of engagement – |For some of the companies spoken to the key driver for engagement was predominantly | | |external benchmarking |external benchmarking and recognition | | |Business driver of engagement – brand |Some of the companies spoken to highlighted a need to differentiate via brand and | | |and customer service |service, and employee engagement was seen as playing a role in this | | |Business driver of engagement – |For three of the companies the key driver for engagement activity was to improve the | | |improving the survey results |survey results | | |Business driver of engagement – reduce |Two of the companies talked about the need to reduce attrition as a key...
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