Employbility & Selection Process

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Employability is a right mix of knowledge, skills, Attitude, values and beliefs but the irony is, it keeps fluctuating depending on the job profile and the candidate himself. As per certain published data there are more than 25951 colleges with 16 million students under 527 universities pursuing higher education in India. Going by demographics the number of students is going to increase to 40 million by 2020 however the irony is that not more than 15-18% of the above are employable. The only question which arises is, is the system with its philosophy of “write the exam to score marks” is creating paper tigers? On the other hand lets think why company’s recruit people? if I climb down to the basics then the answer would be “ Every company has problems and they seek solutions from the candidates they select ”. thus the answer which pops up is “Company’s want solution driven thought processes which are not being served by the educational institutions”. It Is the era of gen Y they say, gone are the days when people used to stick to their workplaces at least for 5 years, key culprits can be social/peer pressure, wants fulfillment et-al, nowadays people perceive companies to be ladders for success and not a tree with which they can grow mutually, this ideology again contributes to skilled unemployment as Human Resource Professionals on the panel side seek long term commitments from the candidates they interview. If there is a shift in the scenario should HR professionals be doing the same what they have been doing? No, we must change our tools and tactics of getting a person in the company, also offering him the element of respect and acknowledgement, this composition is a key for retaining high potentials, widely known but least practiced. We keep on calculating Attrition rates which we feel is increasing every year but we forget that at the end we are dealing with Gen Y thus a shift of thinking is required here as well,...
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