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Topics: Recruitment, Employment, Résumé Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Every document included into the recruitment process has its own purpose as is important when the company want to select the best employees. Mine selected job role was a business manager.

The application form is needed, even if applicant has a CV to hand them, is to keep the selection process simple for the employers. With a standard format to peruse, you can easily compare a potential candidate for the job to the next one. Where a CV shows a snap of person, it is a document which demonstrate personal experience, skills, qualifications and achievements which would be an advantage for the company and the job position. Most related to job position is the application form. The application form is not like CV or letter of application, it is asking the candidate certain information, which is more related to job role. With possible dozens or hundreds of applicants, the application is an opportunity for the company to thin the stack of hopefuls’ candidates applying for the job. Any instructions as ‘’completely fill out’’ or ‘’use black ink’’ can be an easy way for the hiring manager to see who does and does not fallow directions. It is so different from CV or cover letter, because these are written by applicant in his own style and application form is asking you certain questions, which can be compared with other applicant at the end of the process. The application is the time that potential employee can stand out from the rest of other who are applying for the same position. Before an interview, it is difficult to stand out when you are just one piece of paper. Showing yourself in the most positive and competent light can aid in landing you an interview and in CV there should be included things like qualifications both academic and work related are increasingly important these days especially Health &Safety ,CSCS, First Aid at Work etc. this indicated on-going training and should be highlighted. A job description will list all of these tasks, assignments,...
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