Empire Tales

Topics: Narrator, Marriage, Narrative Pages: 3 (620 words) Published: September 16, 2012

a) Lispeth is a young girl who was left at a mission as a baby in time of famine. She grows up, finds an Englishman suffering from fever on the road, and takes him to the mission, announcing that she will take care of him and then marry him. He flirts with her and then he leaves her alone. At the end she finds that he hasn’t intention of marrying her.

b) The Chaplain’s wife is the person who takes care as a mother of Lispeth when her parents die. She lies Lispeth when she said to her that the story of the Englishman will have a happy ending and he will return to be with her.

c) The young Englishman was found by Lispeth suffering from fever and with a horrible aspect on the road. Lispeth takes care of him and then she thought that they will marry but this never happens because the Englishman laid her.

2. The narrator awakes our interest in Lispeth by saying that she was very beautiful, not like others. He is describing her different from the rest and prettiest. He says that she possessed eyes that were wonderful; she was, for her race, extremely tall, etc.


In Lispeth’s opinion| The Chaplain’s wife acted…| Dishonestly and unforgivably| In the narrator’s opinion| | Dishonestly|
In her own opinion| | Wisely|
In your opinion| | Dishonestly, cruelly, wrongly, unforgivably…|


1. The story is set in the Himalayas above the Sutlej Valley on the Kotgarh side.

2. The story takes place in the XIX century.


1. The course of the story is focus on Lispeth’s seventeen but the whole story takes from the birth to the death of Lispeth.


Passages in the text| Periods of time covered|
From p. 7 ‘so, next season’ to p. 10 ‘the unknow world’.| From Lispeth’s infancy until she is seventeen years old.| From p. 10 ‘One day’ to p. 16 ‘she never came back’| From the falling in love of Lispeth with the English man until she realized that he was laying her.| From p. 16 ‘She took to her...
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