Poe Oval Portrait

Topics: Marriage, Woman, Love Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: November 22, 2010
1. Why did the mysterious gentleman and his valet break into the abandoned chateau?
a) The valet brings the mysterious gentleman, who is also the narrator, into an abandoned
chateau because the man is injured and he does not want the man to have to sleep outside.

2. What was unusual about the oval portrait?
a) The oval portrait was so unusual because it had been hidden in the dark near the bedpost. The painting is of a young girl who looks like she is about to become a woman. The painting startled the narrator because it looks so real that he almost thought the girl was in front of him in real life.

3. What did the gentleman find out about the portrait from the book he had found? a)The gentleman read about the portrait in the book he had found in the room. The book describes the woman in the painting as a “cheerful maiden” who marries the painter for love. The painter is as much in love with his wife as he is with his artwork. His wife is a naturally happy woman, but despises his art because she feels like she has to compete with his paintings for his love. Her husband asks his wife to sit as a model for one of his portraits. As much as she hates this idea, she agrees to sit for him because she knows how much his art means to him. She sits in the dark tower where the light only comes from above so her husband can paint. Her husband continues to paint his wife, while she sits very still; he does not notice that she is wasting away into the darkness. As his painting becomes more life-like, his wife becomes paler. As her husband finally finishes his painting he realizes that his wife had already dies during his last few brush strokes.

4. Why did the wife agree to have her portrait painted?
a)The wife agreed to have her portrait painted because she knew how much her husband looked his art, and she looked her husband, so she felt it was the right thing to do out of the love for her husband.

5. Do you think the painter truly loved...
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