Emotional Intelligence

Topics: Emotional intelligence, Emotion, Psychology Pages: 2 (810 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, understand, manage, and use emotions. The ability to perceive emotions is defined as the ability to recognize them in other people, their faces, stories and music. The ability to understand emotions is defined as being able to predict them and how they change and blend. The ability to manage emotions is defined as knowing how to express them in varied situations. The fourth ability is to use emotions to enable adaptive or creative thinking. Another factor in emotional intelligence is the ability to delay gratification.

2) Making experiments:
a) Perceiving emotions – For this experiment, have children observe three different scenarios, one being someone who has just lost a family member, another where a person who has just one the lottery, and another of a person who just had something stolen from them. Children will be able to pick up on the people’s emotions not only by listening but by watching facial expressions. To help their abilities strengthen, play “mood” music in the background so they can make associative observations. b) Understand emotions – For this experiment, have the children watch scenarios happen to kids in their age group, this because it will get them to think “how would I feel about that?” It is best to start with their own age group, or some younger, because having a visual will allow them to use personal experience in order to predict the emotions. One scenario would include watching a kid being pushed down on the playground. Now, it must be clear and understood that each kid may react differently, both in the study group and the experimental group, so it is important to record all emotions. c) Manage emotions – In this experiment, allow the young children to observe attendees for various events. They will learn, in essence, how to behave and convey their emotions in different situations. Essentially, exercising the “watch and learn” principle will allow them a deeper understanding. d)...
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